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Storage Heaters In London

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Having storage heaters in your home can save you money when it comes to energy bills. A storage heater is an excellent alternative to central heating as it is cheaper and more efficient. On the other hand, your energy bills can skyrocket if your heater is not in good working condition.

If your storage heater is not working at all, this might present an uncomfortable situation for your entire family. This could be especially worse if this happens during winter. Bear in mind that the best practice when dealing with storage heaters is to replace the element and the thermostat every two years. Replacing the parts ensures that your home never suddenly goes out of energy.

Storage Heater Repair

The technicians repair the following storage heater issues:

  • Faulty thermostat
  • Blown element
  • Loose connection coming from a terminal block
  • Heat not reaching certain areas of the room or heat not going to some rooms
  • The supply board not switching on at night
  • Faulty meter
  • Indicator light flickering or not going on at all despite the switch being on

There also comes a time when installing a new heater is the only option left. This is especially true if your heater has served you for over ten years. At this point, your equipment could be breaking down too often, forcing you to part with repair costs now and then.

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