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How to fix a buzzing dimmer switch

Turn off the switch and remove the light bulb

Safely climb onto the light fixture on a stepladder. Remove the light bulb.

Replace the bulb with a lower wattage bulb

Replace the bulb with a lower wattage bulb to reduce the load on the dimmer switch.

Calculate the number of lights served by the dimmer and multiply that number by the wattage per bulb.

Replace bulb with bulb for harsh service

If lowering the wattage does not work, try replacing the bulbs with bulbs for harsh service.

Rough service bulbs are designed for garages, workshops, and other areas with heavy vibration. These bulbs have more wire in the glass to protect the filament.

Turn off the power at the circuit breaker

If the previous steps don’t help, try replacing the dimmer switch. Turn off power to the dimmer switch by turning off the circuit breaker at the power supply panel.

Accessing the Dimmer Switch

Using a flathead screwdriver, remove the front panel of the dimmer switch. Before touching anything in the box, use the voltage tester to check the dimmer switch terminals. First, make sure the voltage tester works by trying it on a known, working outlet.

Remove the switch mounting screws by turning the cordless drill counterclockwise with a drill bit. Pull the switch out of the housing by holding it by the mounting tabs. Recheck all connected wires with the voltage tester. If no voltage is present, continue.

Replace dimmer switch

Disconnect all wires from the dimmer switch. Use the wire stripper to cut off any damaged wire ends. Pull off the cable sheaths to expose the bare wire. If necessary, tear off the cable jacket to expose more wire.

Two hot or live wires (usually black) lead into the box. Connect one of these hot wires to the black wire on the dimmer switch. Connect the second hot wire in the box to the other hot wire on the dimmer switch (usually black or red).

Double check all wires attached with wire nuts. There should be no bare copper wire exposed. If so, unscrew the wire nut, cut a small piece off the end of the wires, and reattach the wire nut.

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